150321 Eunhyuk Instagram Update

고마워요 좋은 사람들을 만나서 행복하게 일할 수 있고 매일매일 여러분이 주시는 사랑덕분에 하루도 지치는 날이 없어요~ 정말로 보답하고 싶어요 더 많이 노력하고 부족한것들도 더 채워… https://t.co/lZd7OdWRmh

Thank you, good people can meet and work happily and you every day thanks to the love God I don’t have been a weary day or really wanted to repay you


That’s unnecessary and difficult to care about you is really time each day counts. Thank you so much to each other, ” Don’t be sorr


Posted by SpeciAll1144
Translated by AisyahAnggreani (flitto)
©eunhyukee44 (Instagram)

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