130814 Ryeowook Twitter Update – “It was a really impactful 2 hours”

참 충격적인 2시간이었습니다. 선후배가 같이 노래하는거 서로에게 많이 부담인건 사실이에요. 이미 많은 사랑을 받고 있지만 노래에서만큼은 그 누구보다 더 가수로서 꼭 인정 받길^^ 8년차인 저도 고민하는 길이구요. 내일을 기대하며 주절 끝ㅋ 잘했다b

It was a really impactful 2 hours. It is really burdensome for both sides when sunbae and hoobae sing together. By now you have received much love but when it comes to singing, I really hope you receive recognition as a singer more than anyone else^^ Me as an 8-year singer also has a worrying road ahead. Look forward to tomorrow and my thoughts endsㅋ you did well b

trans by @13elieveSG


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