[Translations] Super Junior’s Experience Korea Vol 1(Travel Episode 3) Chapters List

<Super Junior’s Experience Korea Vol 1(Travel Episode 3) Chapters List>
Seoul + Gwangwon + Jella

Seoul / Kangin·Sungmin

ENJOY #01 Afternoon in BukChon, becoming analogue in black/white pictures
ENJOY #02 Center of youth, center of arts, enjoying the HongDae streets
EXPERIENCE NOTE I am also a clubber!
ENJOY #03 Climbing Seoul’s landmark, Namsan
MAKING #01 For today, I am a florist
TASTING #01 A cup of coffee at a cafe in BukChon
TASTING IN Seoul / Traditional vs. Unique
FEELING #01 Life with stories, talking with the street
FEELING #02 Fun play that you can only do in GwangHwaMoon

ENJOY #01 Racing across Han river with aqua taxi
ENJOY IN Seoul / Enjoying YeOuiDo 100x more
ENJOY #02 I want to go to there when it’s sunny, Sinsadong Avenue
MAKING #01 Soft time while the bread is baked, Baking Lesson
TASTING IN Seoul / Cafe adventure that’s sweet to both eyes and mouth

GangWonDo / Donghae-Siwon

ENJOY #01 To know the charms of mountain climbing, walk with two feet
ENJOY IN JungSun / Famous mountain that’s easy for beginners to climb
ENJOY #02 Flying in the sky of JungSun
ENJOY #03 Crossing the river in JungSun
EXPERIENCE NOTE Famous Leisure sports in GangWonDo
ENJOY #04 Running on the rail
TASTING #01 What is Gondre?
TASTING IN Jungsun / Representatives of JungSun’s tastes
FEELING #01 Time in Jungsun has stopped
FEELING #02 The place time stopped in Jungsun
FEELING #03 Free time laying on the wild flower field

ENJOY #01 Surfing in the East Sea!
MAKING #01 Espresso coffe and Siwon, Dripped coffee and Donghae

ENJOY #01 Arriving at 700m Above Sea Level in PyungChang
ENJOY IN PyungChang / Unique resort guest houses in Pyung Chang
EXPERIENCE NOTE Meeting 2018 Olympics Earlier

ENJOY #01 How to approach SokCho in a unique way
EXPERIENCE NOTE Find the tasty restaurant you have to stand in line to eat

Julado / Shindong·Eunhyuk

ENJOY #01 ‘HyangSaRye’, archery for nobles
ENJOY #02 Anyone can become a scholar in Jeonju
MAKING #01 Gayangju with deep story and great scent
TASTING #01 JeonJu Traditional Korean Cuisine
TASTING IN Jeonju / A table full of Jeonju’s taste
EXPERIENCE NOTE Place you can eat traditional Korean cuisine in JeonJu
FEELING #01 Laying on the warm flooring/porch
EXPERIENCE NOTE Traditional Korean structures you can stay in for the night
FEELING #02 Walking in Traditional Korean town slowly
FEELING IN Jeonju / Place you can feel Jeonju

FEELING #01 Forest and Trees; Healing in Damyang
FEELING IN DamYang/ Feeling Autumn in DamYang

ENJOY #01 Everything you see becomes art, exploring art markets
ENJOY IN GwangJu / Must Visit places in GwangJu
MAKING #01 Pride of Koreans, Kimchi
MAKING #02 Delicious taste you can’t help but fall in love with, GwangJu ttokgalbi
TASTING #01 soft texture and sweet taste, YookJun

FEELING #01 Mixture of red sunset and brown reeds
FEELING IN SoonChun / Places to Enjoy
EXPERIENCE NOTE Places movies or dramas were filmed in

FEELING #01 New discover in autumn travels, Gongju
FEELING #02 where you can breath in the scent of the ocean deeply, Taean
FEELING #03 City of Festivals, Boryeong

trans by @NKSubs

@ sj_kkotsean: [정보 English ver.] SJ’s Experience Korea will be released on Aug 18th.one books 23,000 also Complete set (2 books) is 46000



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