130801 Zhoumi Weibo Update – “thanks ah-san noona”

谢谢阿三姐[呵呵]好喜欢背靠背那张//@阿三刘: 字写的那么漂亮,简体版的《泰玩美》快快粗来[来][来]也狠狠地期待新专辑[鼓掌][鼓掌]@周觅_SJM
  • #COSMO20周年纪念刊#如果说人生的鲜花和毒药是对等的,那@周觅_SJM 的经历要复杂得多。经历过黑暗、希望,总之坚信眼前的黑色是因为背后有光,乐观坚持下去就是了。比起面对优势很容易迷失的人类,圭贤@GameGyu88 大有羽化成仙之势。他看世界很透,尽管行为上偶尔装作糊涂,但这样的他才更高深不是嘛!

thanks ah-san noona 🙂 i like the one where we’re leaning on each other’s back // @/阿三刘: the handwriting is so nice, can’t wait for the simplified chinese version of “Thai Perfect” to be out <come><come> also fiercely looking forward to the new album <clap><clap> @/周觅_SJM

  • RT @/时尚cosmo: # 20thanniversaryspecialedition # if one says that in life, flowers and poison are the ups and downs, then zhoumi’s experience is way more complicated than that. He has experienced despair, hope; and still always firmly believe that the darkness one sees is because there is light somewhere and just push ahead positively. Compared to others who feels lost easily when faced with challenges, @GaemGyu would have the makings of a demi-god. He sees the world very clearly; even though he might appear to be quite muddle-headed sometimes but that’s what puts him in another (higher) level right!

trans by @WorldwideELFs


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