130723 SUPER JUNIOR ‘HERO’ Photocard + Postcard + Booklet + Album Ver [68P]

credit to :

Hero 2CD+DVD Hero ELF JP ver Hero ELF JP special present _ Runway Craft Paper

Booklet Japan Ver

Jacket Size card



credit to

Album Version


Jacket Card


credit to :

HERO Full Postcard set

HERO Full Jacket card set

HERO album – all 3 versions


credit to :



credit to :



credit to : Bunny0904


Jacket Card


credit to : miyaxDonghae



Super Junior Hero Photocard + Postcard  (CR:sachiho20)


credit to :

CD+DVD ver Booklet


credit to :

Japan Ver Booklet



credit to :

Jacket card

Photocard – EUNHYUK (cr: cslotc)

Jacket size card – KYUHYUN (cr: Sj910624sj)

Jacket size card – DONGHAE (cr: sj_kero)

Jacket size card – SUNGMIN Postcard – KANGIN (cr: tkmyb10)

Jacket size card – RYEOWOOK Postcard – EUNHYUK (cr: elfish015)

Jacket size card – YESUNG Photocard – SHINDONG & SIWON Postcard – YESUNG (cr: akitty0218)

“Hero” Gacha All 11 kinds Postcard – DONGHAE

Photocard – KANGIN & SHINDONG (cr: sakicha_sjm) Jacket size card – SHINDONG Photocard – SIWON Postcard – SUNGMIN (cr: maaakcham)

Jacket size card – SIWON (cr: kyumin923)Jacket size card – KANGIN Photocard – SUNGMIN Postcard – RYEOWOOK & SIWON (cr: casumi0330)

Jacket size card – SUNGMIN Photocard – DONGHAE Postcard – KYUHYUN (cr: shelfly824)


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