[Translation] 130718 Audi Magazine Summer 2013 – Siwon

Q: first half of this year, you have “drama king” and Super Junior-M sub-group activities. What kind of activities in preparation for the second half?

siwon:No plans to make records.
Should be in the acting on. Although not yet a conclusion, but there are a few movies and TV shows are under consideration

Q:Super Junior debut in 2005 . already have six albums. Plus singles and albums for sale in a foreign country even more. when is the the most happy time on Super Junior’s most rewarding feeling?

Siwon:All the time, I think I was useful person. when our fans listening to our music, watching (we) on stage so solace and courage , This in itself has become my hope. You also get a greater sense of responsibility.
For recent examples, we have four countries in South America for world tour. we are the first Korean singer on late April in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and other South American have a concert for concert tour, the audience are mostly locals.
This four performances packed. This is a very amazing experience.

Q:you also has been active as an actor.from Music and acting,which one you feel better?

siwon: two of them are very interesting.But more interesting are gradually produced a sense of responsibility.
Because so many different types of people are looking at me,As for the better is what we do not know it.
Whatever the role, whatever the occasion,I will strive to do my best.
And I’m have my own cool evaluation .I know what my strengths are. the advantages are for development,
Also been concerned about weaknesses and trying to improve.

Q: Talk about your first work,” Battle of Wits” with Andy Lau, Ahn Sung Ki and other actors to work together, what do you think when remember that time?

siwon:my debut work is actually two years before that.a 2005 drama called <18 vs 29>,played as main actor’s childhood. then after that <Battle of wits>,the company choose the movie, I then had no choice. i’m afraid i can not prove as important supporting role of new actors on the company’s choice film. It is also a risky,And also very grateful.
Now, when talking about foreign works then there is no worry. it is simply a dream.

Q:how the cast and crew of <Battle of wits> treat you?

siwon: It is very hard to begin with.i still young and small.also new faces.Laughing in their native language to accost. when i don’t have any scene,i go to have lunch with them to accost or something.soon after, i got close with them.
when i have drama filming in China last year, a staff of “Battle of Wits” still contact me,say to meet at this place after five years.

Q: Emotional or rational?

siwon: Balanced. I was emotional in doing things before but now i’m trying to become reasonable/rational man.

Q: if you have day off ,what will you do?

siwon:As early at 6:00am, 12:00pm,6:00 pm. 3 times a day,i’ll Pray. No matter in what place. and have exercise.if i’m not doing exercise, my physic will feel uncomfortable and i could not sleep.i need to use my body for a certain amount of energy.If i dont have exercise, then the body will completely imbalance. basicly i like all sports,but Recently i started to learn tennis.
Now learn how to do Cross Fit.

Siwon: Batman is my favorite heroes.
Justice,Concise,Free and easy,Love to make laugh to other people.And the kind of born with super powers mix ,superhero world is not the same.

Q:What kind of son are you at home?

siwon: compared to being a generous son who should be doing a son thing,i tried to get along as friends.i am my father’s son. i understand my Dad,As men understand.
But Some places i can not really understand.We live in a different world, a different time.So we try to understand each other’s ideas through dialogue,
Gradually relationship became like friends.
I have a very pro-brother, i called my father as brother.
Relationship becomes more interesting now.

Q:what are you doing at your Leisure time?

Siwon:If set plans for tomorrow, then

drinking coffee after morning prayer
Reading the Bible
Eat breakfast
learning Foreign language
Playing tennis,
Noon prayer,
Afternoon exercise,
Evening prayers,
Dinner,like this.

walk around at public to do something as much as possible at seoul

Q: do you like to drive?

siwon:of course. i started to drive when i was 20 years old.my first car is Audi TT. after that i participated to be Audi Ambassador. after 4 years,now i have R8 Spider.With a little personal meaning for carts, I also feel bigger. Body and soul and all.

Q:There are thought to get married?

siwon: In fact, I just want to get married. But no self-confidence.

Siwon: i don’t have any girlfriend right now.

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