130720 Zhoumi Weibo Update (Note) – “Watching ‘Voice of China'”

Watching ‘Voice of China’, I heard many great voices that makes people tear up the atmosphere in live singing was great. Those who sing sincerely on stage deserve respect. Everyone who has passion to sing have their own dream stage in their hearts, it will never be enough. I sincerely hope that I will have more opportunities to sing for everyone. From debut till now, I have little chances to express myself on stage, I don’t have many activities, I feel really bad to let you keep waiting for me. I treasure every chance I have to sing for you. I feel helpless too that I can’t sing more for you. But during these free times when I don’t have work, I didn’t laze around, please wait for me for awhile more, I am working hard to produce good music. I hope to sing the songs that I really love on the stage. I hope that one day in the future I can proudly touch you with my song! Blessing people who loves singing like me! Yao Baina! Fighting!

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