YES! Magazine Hong Kong Vol. 1166 with HENRY Full Translation

Q: What do you do alone at home?
H: Besides eating and sleeping, I compose songs most of the time. I have a recording studio at home. So when I am not eating or sleeping, I will be composing in there.

Q: What do you eat when you are alone?
H: I eat different stuff everyday but my favourite is Chinese food. Like fried dumplings, chicken feet, I love food like this! But we don’t have this in Korea so I must eat it if I come to Hongkong.

Q: What do you do when you are alone in a car?
H: Listen to music and think about my fans.

Q: Where do you compose music when you are alone?
H: In the recording studio at home.

Q: When kinds of music to you listen to when you are alone?
H: Happy song, English ones.

Q: Do you watch movies alone?
H: I won’t watch movies alone, I will watch it with friends.

Q: What kinds of movies do you normally watch?
H: Romance, and I definitely will not watch horror flicks.

Q: Which member would you go shopping with?
H: Siwon! He is very rich! He will pay for me! It will be best to buy a car with him, just joking!

Q: Who will you get to go Kara-ok with you?
H: Kyuhyun, he sings very well and he likes to play.

Q: Who will you go traveling with?
H: Girlfriend! But I don’t have one now! So I will look for Donghae because he takes care of me a lot. I feel very relax with him, very comfortable.

-Henry: It was the company’s idea. When they asked me if I want to sing with Kyuhyun and Taemin, I was very happy! Kyuhyun is my group’s member and I have known Taemin for a long time. I stayed with him in the dorm for more than a year. We know each other well but we have never stood on the stage together before. So I was very happy when I heard about it and said OK immediately. Kyuhyun sings very well, Taemin sings very well too and dances very well, so I feel fortunate to work with them and really thankful for their help.-

-3 big boys filming a MV together, there must be some interesting stuff that happened but Henry says: ‘Nothing happened! We are all boring people! But there was once when I had a recording in Korea and Kyuhyun was going to perform with me but he was in China at that time and didn’t manage to catch the flight back. He didn’t perform with me in the end, I did it alone. I know that he wants very much to come and he ran but still he didn’t manage to catch the flight.’ Henry is very thankful to Kyuhyun and Taemin who have helped him in the recordings.-

-Besides his 2 brothers, the other members of Super Junior support Henry to debut as a solo. Henry: On the first few broadcast recordings, all the members of Super Junior came to see me, support me. During the preparation for the new album, the members also helped me a lot. They gave suggestions for my performance and Kangin suggested that my hair wasn’t bright enough so I dyed it to this colour. Kyuhyun also gave me comments during recording like he taught me to sing with more force on certain parts. Donghae taught me dancing. He said that I danced like the back up dancers and told me to have my own style. Everyone takes care of me. So this time my solo album is not my own album, it’s an album with the combined efforts of all SJ members. Or I should say I am the performer and they are the ones who helped me behind the scenes.-

-Henry: This story is funny, I was preparing for my own solo album when I composed ‘Love That I Need’. This song was composed for myself. The one day Donghae came to my home and I was working on this song. After hearing it, he asked me what is this song and I said it’s for my new solo album. He looked at me and told me that this song is really nice. That he and Eunhyuk are preparing for their new single and hope that I can give them this song. I said ‘No No… This is my song’. Then he kept asking me, pestering me for one week. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and said ‘ok, I will give it to you’ and he was very happy!-

-After giving Donghae the song, Henry even featured in that song. Henry: It was my first time composing a Japanese song, I wasn’t sure what the outcome will be. After recording, I think it’s really nice and they sang it well! But during recording, there was a high-pitch part and Eunhyuk forced his vocals too much. In the end he recorded it for 30, 40 times before it passed. Donghae kept teasing him at the side, it was very funny. Recently, I composed many songs but nobody wants to sing my songs! There are many singers that I hope to work with, like I really hope to work with Boa, she is really awesome, I have 2, 3 songs that suits her. I would like to give them to her.’
‘If there are any singers who would like to work with me, please look for SM to contact me!’-

-We can see that Henry has a lot of fans during his performance at the Hongkong Dome. But he says that he hopes to attract more fans, especially mama fans. Henry: ‘I want to do my best for Trap promotions and I hope that in future not only young fans like me. I hope to spread my music to more people, more people will listen to my songs. Like if there are people around my mum’s age who listen to my songs, like my songs, I will be very happy!’
Besides music, there are other areas that Henry wants to try, like acting. Henry:’If there is a chance, I want to try acting too. If there are any production teams who are interested in me, have good scripts, please look for me! I don’t pick roles as long as it’s the main lead. Hahaha.’
Henry is so humourous, look for him for comedies!-

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