130719 Ryeowook Twitter Update – “Thank you to everyone”

하이스쿨뮤지컬 응원해주신 모든분들 감사합니다 ~^^ 내 여자친구 가브리엘라 루나 정말 고마워 ~!!! 첫공 같이 한 선데이누나 최고~^.~ 모든 스텝 배우분들 짱짱~ 재진이 동호형 성재 트로이들 빠세이~!!캬캬 pic.twitter.com/0lR7U4OhaK

Thank you to everyone who cheered for me at Highschool Musical ~^^ My girlfriend Gabriella, Luna, thank you so much ~!!! Sunday noona who I’ve done first performance with is best too~^.~ all the staffs and actors, best best~ Jaejin-ee, Dongho hyung, Sungjae, Troys fighting~!! Kyakya

trans by @NKSubs


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