[Translation] COSMOPOLITAN Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue – Interview with Super Junior – M Full

Kyuhyun : “If I am to write a song, I want to write a ballad, the theme will be woeful love.”

Eunhyuk : “I have great confidence and had been living like this for all my life. I am optimistic in the way I live and the way I think. I believe everything is possible if I am involvevd.”

Henry : “There is not much I want to change with my personalities. This is basically me. Work hard, play hard, or play harder? hahahaha! Of course I will still be serious when it comes to work.”

Hyuk: “I am a quiet person off the camera because I like to think about things. But I am not gloomy at all!”

Min: “It’s good for a person to have a bit of worry, then he will dedicate to think of a way to improve and work hard to become better.

Henry: “With Donghae we talk about music when we get together, with Zhoumi we talk about shopping, with Kyuhyun we talk about gaming…”

Ryeowook: “I want to keep doing this whenever I see how the fans smile. I want to continue to sing for everyone.”

Zhoumi : “Everyone has different personality. I don’t like to whine about things, I want others to recognize my talent.”

-“Baby Face is what belongs to me”- Sungmin : “I am 29 years old physically, but maybe only 21 years old psychologically. My more manly side come out more often when I am exercising or at work.

-“He has his own unique style of doing aegyo”- Donghae : “I enjoy the process more than the result. All the pressure and pain goes away when I am on stage with the fans. It’s such a pleasant feeling, like a dream.”

Kyuhyun : “Rather than being referred to as a genius, I put in a lot of effort and I think I am better than others at finding ways and methods to do better.”

-“He wants to be a singer twho can comfort souls”- Ryeowook : “Being a singer is my dream. Some people may give up a dream for another dream; and some may forget who he/she was after achieving a dream. And people around me do constantly remind me that, so that I know I need to work harder.”

-“A real gentleman is one who has good heart.” – Siwon : “I have been receiving a lot of love, but it’s not love if only receiving. I want to bring hope to everyone. I want to share with one another. I want world peace.”

Siwon : : “I don’t think there is such a thing as telling white lies, being honest is the most important thing.”

Donghae : “Recently I felt like time has passed so quickly for this year. If one year become 2 years long, then I can get more things done.”


Donghae’s Part

The truth is never simple. It looks like it’s hard to find true answers from Donghae. He is like a unsolvable equation having so many options that may work. While many people are complaining, putting cruelty and happiness together, he is very explicit about his emotion. Just like his name, he is like a sea full of mystery and has a magical power to dissolve any bad.

It’s interesting that Donghae has changed to a different person. If he was a kind handsome boy in the manga before, now he is becoming an easy-going, hot blood real man. I am not talking about his body becoming bulkier, it’s the vibe that he has now. He reminds us the four great southern talents of the Ming (ones from back in the days in China who are good looking and also good at poetry). Now no one can get away easily if you mess with him. It costs me a lot of brain cells when talking with him because he does not follow the common way to speak. He is intelligent, truthful and free spirited. And his childish behavior sometime tells us that he is living more freely than before.

Q: What will bring up your eager to write?
Hae: The only pieces I have written so far are all songs. I have some interest in videos recently though. I have been recording things on the street that I like when I am exercising, even the simplest thing. I have learned a lot and by watching movies and other friends’ concerts. I get a lot of ideas from that.

Q: What was the most recent event that had touched you or made you in tears?
Hae: I have watched a couple movies recently that cost me a lot of tears. Such as ‘The world’s saddest parting’, it’s so saddening that I have cried many times watching it. I pick movies based on my mood and the members also would recommend movies to watch. I will be in tears when I watch a touching movie, and I also feel happy too. It’s more like happy tears.

Q: How do you deal with stress?
Hae: I have been under stress recently. Personally saying, I feel stressful, I don’t want to do anything sometimes. People sometimes will have moments like this which they just don’t want to do anything, even if they know there is something that they have to do and they just don’t want to do it. I have been running on the street lately. Because the weather has been nice, I like to go for a walk too. To deal with stress, I meet with friends often, exercise with the members, and play basketball or soccer.

Q: Which are the 3 sentences in Chinese that you best at?
Hae: (In Chinese) “together forever”, “dear sweethearts”, “please call me”.

Q: Are you a man who is really good at doing aegyo?
Hae: Yes, I am the type that likes to do aegyo. Rather than saying like ‘yiyiyaya’, I have my own style of doing aegyo. I hope I and my girlfriend are able to do aegyo with each other, because I enjoy that kind of happy feeling. If two people can have this kind of happy feeling together, I will do anything for that to happen. (smile)


Kyuhyun’s Part

COSMO: What do you think is your unique Logo?

Kyuhyun: It seems to be my eyes (in Mandarin)! Because my pupils are rather large, many people have asked me if I wear circle lenses, but those are my real eyes! The fans love my eyes.

COSMO: Do you still play games very often?

Kyuhyun: I like (playing games), but truthfully, I haven’t had much time, so I haven’t played in a long time. I care a lot about winning, and I’m someone who’d play throughout the night, so I usually don’t dare to even start playing (laughs)

COSMO: Your mandarin keep getting more and more accurate, how do you do it?

Kyuhyun: I learn things very quickly. Like languages for instance, I will listen very carefully, so that when I enunciate the words, it will sound as accurate as you guys (the Chinese). I like Chinese songs a lot and listen to them very often, so there will be a special feeling. I feel that in order to sing a song well, you have to first like the song. Because only after you like the song, then you will enjoy the music. Even though the Chinese pronunciation is very important, but once you get hooked on the tune, singing it will come easily afterwards.

COSMO: You actually have leadership qualities, and even your own Kyu-line!

Kyuhyun: Honestly, even though I’m the youngest in the group, but growing up, I’ve always played the role of the leader among my friends. Everyone will follow me and listen to what I say. In the group, I will listen to the hyungs, but in society, when I’m with friends who are around my age, it is usually them who listen to me.

COSMO: If someone were to confess to you, what do you think she likes about you?

Kyuhyun: I think it should be my original personality, one who takes care of others very well, and not because of my appearance. I also hope that the other person would be the type who’d listen more, and speak more as well.

COSMO: What has been the thought that has been crazily running through your mind recently?

Kyuhyun: If I didn’t have to work, I’d like to have a week to just not do anything. Just staying at home. If that could happen, I’d not only be able to properly relax, but also rekindle my passion to work hard. It doesn’t have to be too long, just a week will do. I think I’m still pretty positive.

On the page with the handwritten message:
Kyuhyun- I care a lot about winning.
“As compared to being called a genius, I think that I’m just more diligent, and know more about the methods for doing well, as compared to other people.”

Message: Happy Birthday to Cosmo! 20th Anniversary! ❤ – Kyuhyun

On the page with his hyper face:
“If I were to write a song, I hope it’d be a ballad. And the theme would be A Melancholic Love.”

translated by @kikiikyu


Siwon’s Part

No one knows exactly what life is. It may be an experience, it may be just a dying tree, or a living well. Questions are thrown around. Some choose to ignore it, some choose to fight about it. There is no right or wrong, it’s just based on different views. For Siwon, trying his best is his only rule. He is not setting up a difficult hurdle for himself to overcome, this is only his habit of living. It’s his attitude toward this world.

Siwon doesn’t have the arrogance as the ‘visual’ of the group. He thanks others for their kindness to him by always bowing and thanking like when chicken eating rice. He is very considerate about the feelings of other people. He cares about the opinions of others but is not altered by them. His mental world is simple; he believes in Christ wholeheartedly. His newest title created by fans is ‘Priest Choi’.
From the Chinese movie ‘A Battle of Wits’ to the Korean drama ‘Oh My Lady’, this guy who smile like a sunshine, still has the truthfulness in his eyes just like in the past, even for the tanned skin from playing outside with Donghae. He is still the same charming ‘Simba’ as Heechul calls him.

Q: How do you do to earn others’ approbation for your strength?
Siwon: I think everyone has priorities when doing things; what need to be done first, and what can be done later. This is something I have learned recently. For me, I believe that nothing comes from thin air. If you try your best, God will take care of you. And when others see your serious attitude, they will approbate you too.

Q: What do you want to do the most currently?
Siwon: That will be Sharing. I want to use all the ways I know to share the love because everyone has been giving me a lot of it. If a person has a goal, then the objectives will come naturally. Since my goal is determined, my objectives in life are all set.

Q: Some people say that Siwon’s trademark is his smile. What strength do you think can be gained by smiling?
Siwon: Of course I smile because I am happy. I smile because I am happy, really! I think it is important for people to be happy and in peace when getting together. And it is amazing that if you smile a lot, people around you tend to start smiling too. Then there comes blessings also.

Q: What is the image of a handsome gentleman look like in your mind?
Siwon: A Gentleman, does not base on the confidence of his body, nor the clothes he wears. I used to only wear nice clothes, but now that I look back, that was only an empty shell. Ones need to have joy in their hearts and know to care for others, and then they will come out from the shells. Others will see the gentlemen in them with people who have good hearts.
When we look at elderly people, we can tell how they lived their lives by looking at their faces. You can see the peacefulness and kindness on the faces of those handsome ahjussi. They have such gracefulness. I have been working on this. And of course you still have to take care of your appearance a little.

Q: Are you satisfied with your current state?
Siwon: I respect all the things as they are firstly. Since I have my faith, I don’t have much to complain recently.

Translate from Chinese to English by @siohappy


Siwon’s Part

Q: How will you proof your ability?
SW: I think whatever we do, we must prioritize. What to do first and what to do last. This is something that I learnt recently. To me, nothing comes naturally. If you do your best to achieve it, god will take care of you. When others see your sincerity, they will acknowledge you too.

Q: What is the thing that you want to do most right now?
SW: Sharing. Because I have received a lot of love, so now I want to use many ways to share this love. If we have a motive, the goal will appear automatically. I already have my motive, therefore my goal has been achieved.

Q: Many people say that Siwon’s trademark is his smile. What kind of energy do you thinking smiling can give you?
SW: I smile because I am happy, really happy when I smile! For people, we should be be happy and harmonious when we are together, this is very important. And what is amazing is if we smile often, people around you will smile too and good fortune will come along.

Q: What is your definition of a handsome gentleman?
SW: Gentleman, it is not a confidence that you achieve from your physical figure or putting effort in your fashion. In the past, I only wear clothes well but now to think about it, that is just an empty shell. We should feel happiness from our hearts, take care of others, then will we walk out of our ‘shells’. People with a good heart will look like a gentleman.

When we look at older people, we wonder how they lived all these years. We can tell from their faces. Those uncles who look handsome has a harmonious, kind face and an air of ease around them. I have been learning this all this while. Of course, you must still take care of your appearance.

Q: Are you happy with your situation now?
SW: I will respect any form of existence. I have faith recently so I don’t feel unhappy with anything these days.

Trans by


Donghae’s part

Q: What sort of things will increase your desire to create?
DH: Till now, I have only produced music. Recently, I have taken an interest in filming. When I am working out or when I am walking around and I see something interesting, I will record it, even if it’s only something simple. When watching a movie or friends’ concerts, I will learn many things and many inspirations will come along.

Q: Anything happened recently that moved you to tears?
DH: Recently, I watched a few movies which made me shed a lot of tears. For example, The Saddest Separation (literal translation), it was really sad, I cried many times. I choose the movies according to my mood at that time, members will also recommend me movies. I cry when I watch a touching film but I feel happy too. It’s like smiling with tears, this happens more often.

Q: How to you release stress?
DH: Recently I have a lot of stress. To me, everyday is hard, so sometimes I will intentionally not do anything. People sometimes feel like they don’t want to do anything at all, there are things that we have to do but we just don’t feel like doing it, it happens sometimes. Recently I run a lot on the streets or strolling because the weather has been good. I meet my friends a lot, do sports with the members like basketball or soccer, I release stress like this.

Q: 3 lines that you speak best in Chinese?
DH: Forever together, Dear darlings, Call me. (lmao)

Q: Are you really a guy who does aegyo a lot?
DH: Yes, I am the kind who does aegyo. For aegyo, compared to those who say ‘yiyi yaya’ when doing aegyo, I have my own style. I hope to do aegyo with my girlfriend, to each other, I like that kind of happy feeling. If doing aegyo together can give us feelings of happiness, I will do anything for it.

Trans by


Eunhyuk’s Part

Q: Does dancing still have that fatal attraction to you?
EH: To be honest, I am happiest when I am dancing. As a dancer, I want to show better and nicer dances to everyone. If you remove dancing from my life, my life will be boring.

Q: You are very humorous, are you born with it or did you learn it?
EH: I think I am borned with it! The sense of humor cannot be trained, an uninteresting person will remain uninteresting no matter what. (Discreetly) Our member, Sungmin, is really uninteresting, someone like him will never become interesting. So I think I am really lucky. I think not only for men but for everyone, there should be some sense of humor so life will become more relaxing and happier.

Q: A humorous guy like you must be popular around girls.
EH: I think so that humorous people are more popular. But when I meet a girl for the first time or when I am with the girl that I like, I will not be able to show the humorous side at first, it takes awhile before I can start to be funny. Handsome men don’t need to show their sense of humor right from the start.

Q: How to achieve your sense of humor?
EH: The secret? I think I am able to listen carefully to what others are saying, take note of what others are thinking, then I match them and make everyone laugh. I make jokes verbally more. I can’t really do body gags.

Q: What is the happiest thing since debut?
EH: Making lots of money, an buying an apartment for my parents was the happiest thing. Even though I feel happy too when I achieve something in my job, I really wanted to make a lot of money since debut to buy an apartment for my parents to live comfortably in. I achieved this dream not so long ago so I am really happy.

Where ever he goes, he is always full of manners, this hasn’t changed. He bows and greet everyone when he meets us. He will also bid us goodbye with ‘520, I love you’ which he just learnt. Just like what he said, he is good at listening so he will receive the questions well and then reply in a most sincere or cutest way. On the day of the interview, the photographer used a ring-shape lighting equipment. The bright lights prompted the manager to keep reminding Eunhyuk that he just had an eye surgery so he can’t look at the cameras. But for the best results of the photos, Eunhyuk still stole a few glances at the camera. When the photographer said ‘OK’, he stumbled towards the computer and started drawing circles in the air. “Ah, I can’t see anything, there are so many circles!” Our Jewel handsome man, it shines where ever you are!

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Sungmin’s Part

Q: How will you describe your personality?
SM: I am not sure of my own personality, I think I haven’t discover it. I think fans like me because I work hard, keep improving myself. Could it be that my personality is working hard? I should be a frank person. On broadcasts, many artistes use stylized phrases, for fun and to show something special. But this is difficult for me.

Q: What kinds of traits to you look out for when making friends?
SM: I will take note if the other person is someone who takes care of others, a kindhearted person. If that is so, I will get closer to them. On the other hand if that person doesn’t take care of others, doesn’t care about others feelings, I will reject them.

Q: Many say that you like to do aegyo, is it the same on screen and off screen?
SM: To be honest, I don’t know. Many people told me that after talking to me, they think that I like to do aegyo a lot. I talk to my parents like this too, even my brother says that I like to do aegyo. The members say that my original character is manly but I like to speak cutely. My personality is more independent, I don’t talk much until I start chatting. Maybe because I show a lot of aegyo on broadcasts so my image becomes cute, I am actually manly!

Q: Do you think you are more rational or emotional?
SM: Sometimes I am emotional, I feel like crying just by listening to the rain. Sometimes I am too rational and I ask myself if I am too calculative. Especially when I receive scripts, I analyze them more logically.

Q: As the ‘one and only Sungmin’ of SJm, what is your speciality?
SM: Ah, this is so difficult. The members are all amazing. Ah! My speciality is my baby face. (laughs) The members have been telling me lately that my face didn’t change since debut. (Are they jealous?) This can’t be helped.

Trans by


Zhoumi’s Part

Zhoumi’s memory is scary. Even for the people he has only met once, he can remember the name of the person, the location and other etails. He can be a detective if he isn’t a singer. Not sure if it is tiring for him to remember so many things but it is certainly sweet to the person whom he remembers.

Q: Do you set long term goals for yourself?
ZM: Short term! I think long term goals are not reliable because we can only see our current situations so it is still better to have short term goals. You can see the results, it’s more realistic. Actually celebrities cannot do things as they want to. So I follow my own footsteps, fulfilling them one by one, moving forward.

Q: Do you care about others valuation of you?
ZM: I don’t really care for others’ valuation of me, I care more about how I value myself. Sometimes we have to believe in our own point of view. I see myself realistically. What is good is good, what is bad is bad. But I look forward to the future very much! When I was in university, there was this message. You might not succeed if you put in effort but you will definitely not succeed if you don’t put in effort at all. So you already have 50% success when you take the first step. The rest will depend on the amount of effort you put in.

Q: From your book, Thai Perfect, we can tell that you love travelling. What does travelling brings you?
ZM: Relaxing! I will bump into fans, didn’t encounter anything romantic yet, haha. I didn’t graduate from college and became an artiste, actually an artiste is just like any other white collar worker, there are a lot of pressure too, travelling can relax myself. Going to a foreign place, experiencing something new, can fully relax a person. Going to Thailand for Super Show after debut, it was charming, and going to Europe later on, it was really interesting.

Q: We often see you smile, are you hiding anything behind those smiles?
ZM: I love to smile because my mum told me we must live happily. She said singing is something I like to do but if singing has become a burden to me because of some other reasons, then she would rather that I not do it and live a simple life. If you like to do this then do it happily. So no matter what the end result is, the process is always happy, fulfilling and special.

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