Date Magazine Super Junior Interview – Sungmin [TRANS]

Q : What is your ideal type?Have your ideal type changed over the years?

Sungmin : I used to like virtuous girls in the past, someone who thinks similiarly with me and can communicate well with me. Recently I like golf, horse-riding, archery, shooting(laughs). If she can do one of the sports with me it will be wonderful. But I don’t really like sports like basketball, baseball or soccer.


Q : What are you concerned about recently?

Sungmin : I want to get married early. Get married when I am young and both of us will live a peaceful and harmonious life. I also want to live happily with my kids.

Q : What kind of wife do you want?

Sungmin : My criteria of an ideal wife has been increasing (laughs). As a wife, it will be good if she is virtuous and can a good mother. Must love me and think of me. Smaller sized than me, suitable for both short hair or tied-up hair. Doesn’t need to be too pretty, I prefer cute girls.

cr: 林小萍_min



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