[CAP+Transcript] 130510 SUKIRA – with Ryeowook DJ

credit : @mi870621, @ForRyeong, @King_ryeong9

it’s not phone call that Wook did… it’s how he call his mom to say hi…

Henry’s goodnight pop from 2Am’s song

Wook asked Henry to sing a long

Wook introduce Im Saemi as Song Hye Gyo friend’s

Wook keep saying that Im Saemi so pretty…

that winter is from sbs so they not talked much, when LJ said that Hyeong Gon sing for Iris. Wook make sure that it from KBS and he so happy

Wook keep asking Saemi.. then LJ said “Ryeowook-ssi Hyeong Gon is here, you can also ask him”

RW: Don’t flatter me.. hahah he remember the lesson with Henry ssaem

Mini Drama. so Saemi & LJ was friend, Saemi asked Wook to wacth movie together. the day came & they already together but somehow Wook got phonecalled from someone that made them cancelled watch.Saemi was crying talked with LJ abt Wook. she think he have girl friend

Mini Drama. Saemi was talking with Wook,she asked about Wook’s girlfriend is she pretty. but actually Wook doesn’t have gf yet

Mini Drama. Wook confess that he like Saemi to.. in the end he said I love you. the Mini Drama end… Wook so shy after do it.

everyone talking Ryeowook’s whispering “사랑해”

when photosession. Wook searching property can use for photo group. he bring something

he pose with Saemi and made heart sign together


Ryeowook said that Siwon will become guest on sukira soon (Cr:@jwon0508)