[NEWS] Barefoot Friends next Filming location in Indonesia

The second ‘friends’ Barefoot continues the journey to Indonesia.

18 According to multiple broadcasters, SBS ‘Good Sunday – Survival Audition K-Pop Star’ follow-up to the new entertainment program will be broadcast to friends ‘Barefoot’ (hereinafter ‘maenchin’) followed by Vietnam, Indonesia leaves.

Do not open the first time Vietnamese side yet anticipated gown
“>SBS broadcast capture => barefoot friends’ Trailer

The maenchin ahead Kang Yoon Jong Shin yuseyun, Kim Bum Soo, Kim Hyun Joong yunsiyun, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, After School Yui leave Vietnam after the completion of the first shot and returned to the last eight days.

Their members are struggling to perform the mission under the command of life the same way as the ordinary Vietnamese people during the ’24-hour ‘the’ In ‘Trailer maenchin, since the public was drawn look. The terms of the principle of ‘self-sufficiency’ than what attracted attention.

Showed in the following screen cast if you do you run a cyclo rickshaw bicycle or motorcycle to turn off under the hot sun and fishing on the boat, and look to trade directly in the market.

Attracted the phrase ‘barefoot journey to find true happiness with. Left the trailer about the meaning of the title of ‘barefoot’ is interpreted to mean nothing without members’ jump barefoot.

The Trailer ‘maenchin’ containing the lifting process going on in the life of the Vietnamese people and life for himself without any help, look beyond language, to share a laugh and sweat, and raised expectations for this broadcast.

Once again, followed by Vietnam, Southeast Asia you want to perform any mission they found the other countries of Indonesia, to stimulate the curiosity “‘maenchin the coming 21 days as of the first line’ Good Sunday ‘looks.

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To, once again, taken abroad news is said to stimulate curiosity. Plan members leave taken back to Indonesia this month.

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source : http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130418104620132

Barefoot Friends next Filming location in indonesia


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