130408 Sina Weibo Chat with Zhou Mi – Part 2

Fan: It’s almost over… so reply to me won’t you~~ can you come to Tokyo for an autograph session? ~~~
Zhou Mi: Then I’ll have to discuss a Japanese version of “Thai Perfect” with my publisher, haha

Fan: How am I supposed to live without you was very nice~ did you choose it?
Zhou Mi: We chose it together, and I’m thrilled you guys liked it~

Fan: Zhou Mimimimi ♥♥ I told you it was my birthday yesterday and you wished me happy birthday ^.^ But I was too nervous and forgot to wish you a happy birthday and to say byebye ㅠㅠ
Zhou Mi: No worries no worries, we’re all just celebrating [haha] [cake]

Fan: Your new book is so creative. Are you usually in the habit of recording things down? In a journal or some other way? Does it provide inspiration for your lyric-writing? I’ve made so many posts, why haven’t you replied to me… I really like you! Please reply please reply! It’s almost over, please reply! ~~~~~~~~~~~
Zhou Mi: I rarely write in a journal, but I love to just randomly write essays [written works], including lyrics

Fan: Mimi, when I heard you sing live it seriously sounded so good I almost imploded. I was just so consumed with emotion T^T I hope you can keep singing for us ^3^ Love you!!!
Zhou Mi: Singing for you is my greatest joy, thank you for being able to be moved by my songs.

Fan: Gege, when are you going to film another TV show?
Zhou Mi: It’s in preparations. Once I get news I’ll let everyone know, so please look forward to it

Fan: What do you think about being asked to marry that meimei yesterday..
Zhou Mi: Didn’t I already agree?? [heehee]

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