130408 Sina Weibo Chat with Zhou Mi – Part 1

Fan: Ge, why’d you decide to dress up as Woody during the concert?
Zhou Mi: Because I was fighting for Woody with Siwon, and I won [crazy] hahahhaha

Fan: Remember me? The girl who asked you to sign her support sign yesterday http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/9f7bc63ejw1e3i1ii5yxwj.jpg
Zhou Mi: I remember you, but you should remember to wash your face [haha]

Fan: Zhou Xiaomi why are you so good at writing traditional Chinese characters TTTTTTTTT Will the mainland China version have an autograph session too?
Zhou Mi: It was my first time writing in traditional, I’m glad you guys are happy with it 🙂 I also hope that the mainland version will have an autograph session, so I can meet with everyone~

ELFanny: I’m about to go have some re gan mian (Wuhanese specialty: dry, spicy noodles)
Zhou Mi: Do me a favor, pack two of those and send them to Taiwan T_T

Fan: I like Distant Embrace! It’s so nice! I get to listen to beautiful music, and stare at a hot guy! I’m so content! I’m definitely going to read your book! I’m betting there’s lots of delicious food in there, and I am a glutton! Okay, just let me get this out! I know you aren’t going to respond to me!!!! But I really wanted to tell you my feelings!
Zhou Mi: I’ve replied to you, so now you need to treat me~~ [haha] there’ll be even more pretty songs for you to listen to in the future.

Fan: Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi
Zhou Mi: What what what what what what what what what what what what?? [heehee]

Fan: Happy 5th anniversary, SJM!
Zhou Mi: Without realizing it, I’ve debuted five years already. And I was only 13 then! Once your youth is gone you can never get it back~~ [crazy] [haha] [heehee]

Fan: It’s almost over… so reply to me won’t you~~ can you come to Tokyo for an autograph session? ~~~
Zhou Mi: Then I’ll have to discuss a Japanese version of “Thai Perfect” with my publisher, haha

Fan: How am I supposed to live without you was very nice~ did you choose it?
Zhou Mi: We chose it together, and I’m thrilled you guys liked it~

Fan: Zhou Mimimimi ♥♥ I told you it was my birthday yesterday and you wished me happy birthday ^.^ But I was too nervous and forgot to wish you a happy birthday and to say byebye ㅠㅠ
Zhou Mi: No worries no worries, we’re all just celebrating [haha] [cake]

Translate by Zhou mi news

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